Last Week of Summer

That’s right folks, it’s come to that familiar time of the year where you put your swimsuits away, and take out the old jeans and sweatshirts. Fall’s here, and it’s planning to stay. Stay until Winter comes to drop kick it out with a bunch of snow.

To look back on it all, I’ve had a great time this summer. Got to see a lot of things here and halfway across the world. Had a chance to reconnect to myself after being in what I now call the “Snow White syndrome” for a year in a half. By SWS, I mean how I just withdrew back from the world, because I thought I had found my Prince Charming, and my “Happily Ever After”. Boy, was I wrong about that. But in this week alone, I’ve started to do things that I used to do a lot from when I first started University. I’m doing actual song-writing (and not just the typical song-writing about how some boy broke my heart… yaddah, yaddah, yaddah) and I’m also working on paintings. Paintings were a story is told with each stroke of the paintbrush. My heart just jumps with delight every time I get closer to finishing these current projects.

I’m also getting into food recipes and will be trying some out soon, so don’t be surprised if you find some culinary reviews on here at some point!

Well, another busy day tomorrow since I’m officially calling it my back-to-school day. My sister has a vocal audition, and I have to go and pick up my card after it’s been encoded for use in certain parts of the University. I might also pick up a book to help with my first paper for Anthropology of Illness. I can’t believe I already have a paper due by the end of this month. Yikes!

Will also be the first practice with my choir group, ECCO for the 2011-2012 season. I’m really looking forward to seeing some people I haven’t seen all summer, along with some new faces.

All I know is, my mantra for this year is: Don’t be afraid of what others might think. Don’t be afraid to find love again. Everything happens for a reason, and all things take time. Patience is a virtue.



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I'm a 20-year-old living in the heart of Canada: Winnipeg. I'm pretty passionate when it comes to the creative arts. I also like swimming and aspiring to become a Nurse.

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