Marshmallows of Victory!

That’s right, folks! Classes are officially over, and now I can actually sleep in and get stuff done around the house. For the past couple weeks with the stress piling from final assignments, performances and running to-and-fro.. I’ve been more prone to throwing my hair back into a bun, wearing sluggish sweatpants with my uggs, and eating not so wonderful food. I always joke that some girls look like they become some sort of mythical creature when they get into the finals zone.. and it looks like I became one of them in the process.

Anyhow, having the first night in quite some time where I can actually do (pardon my french) shit all.. I feel pretty pooped. I can finally sit back and relax for some time until I write my last final in eight days. So, study but not like cram the whole time. And sooner or later I’ll finally be able to play Skyward Sword! (I started playing it up to the Forest temple but I stopped myself seeing as I had to really finish that 10-page paper). 

The extra time gives me some time to plan and look forward to christmas. I’m happy to know that a lot of my family that could not make it out to Winnipeg last year are coming. I’ll be definitely looking forward to when everything is done and I can sit back and relax in my norwegian slippers with a cup of hot cocoa. Topped with marshmallows.. Marshmallows of Victory. 🙂