2012: Here’s To the New Year!



Wow, I still can’t believe that it’s already 2012 already. 2011 seems to go by so fast, but I guess time flies when you are having fun. 

After spending a wonderful night out at a friends’ place for Tapas-styled dinner, eating grapes at the stroke of midnight (a Spanish tradition), and after a couple of drinks playing an interesting round of Pictionary, I felt really content about where I am currently standing in the world. No longer do I feel threatened by what might be coming around the corner, but instead I feel quite strong and independent on where my lifepath is currently taking me. 

But, as always, it’s good to set a couple of goals to embark on for the New Year. So, after eating a dinner my Mom made from a leftover pork roast and rice (yummy), and taking a mini-nap, I got to thinking. Here’s what I came up with:

  1. Try doing some things that I don’t do everyday. Just earlier last week a group of my friends and I embarked across the city to do something that we all haven’t really done before (or haven’t done recently): Rock Climbing. It was a lot of fun, and it challenged me since most of my body strength is in my lower-part of my body. My family doesn’t call me ‘Thunder-Thighs’ for nothing! Although I ended being a bit stiff in the shoulders the next day, it was great since it had a group of friends whom I haven’t gotten the chance to see and talk with for quite some time. Not to mention all of us going out afterwards for a meal, and discussing the next event. So far, this is going to be snorkeling. 
  2. Lose 25 pounds Tone up my body. In the past, I used to be quite conscious of my weight and my image. I’ve never been a skinny rail, and grew into my womanly figure at an early age. Which really sucked since I was a 14-year-old who had to go and buy jeans in the woman’s department, and not in the trendy ‘juniors’ section of stores. But, as I’ve gotten out of that awkward teenage stage and into my early adult one, I’ve realized how much of an asset it is to have some meat on your bones. It looks healthy, and you feel healthy too. Later on last year I got myself a full-year membership to a gym, and got myself into a routine of going monday/wednesday/friday with a group of friends. And it felt great! But I’m not one to go and starve myself just to slip into a LBD. I’d rather work my way and eat right in order to look good. So, one of my first goals is to get rid of this Holiday Season bump (or what I like to call a pyrishky belly) from eating gratuitous amounts of food and sweets, and improve my overall body strength.
  3. Read 5 novels just for the sake of reading. When I was younger, I used to be bit of an avid reader. But as I got older, I kind of lost the attention span to do so, and what would normally happen would be me finding a book halfway-read from what seemed like eons ago, that I couldn’t remember much of the plot. It doesn’t help either when you’re a University student that has to have chapters read and assignments taking up most of your spare time. But, I want to challenge myself, and give myself the patience to get through a couple of books this year that I’ve been wanting to read for some time. These include The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, Interview With a Vampire, and Silence of the Lambs. Not to mention anything Jane Austen. One way that I want to accomplish this is setting up a book-club with my close girlfriends (also see #1 of the NYR). So far, I’m getting excited about it!
  4. Learn 5 songs just for the sake of loving to play the piano. And not just something I can sing along to. I’m talking for example, a whole movement by Chopin, or Tchaikovsky. For the past couple of years, all I have ever learned for piano was something for RCM (The Royal Conservatory of Canada) exams, in order to get one step closer to teaching piano. That and duets for recitals. This year, along with trying to practice more, I want to find some piano pieces that will challenge me in technique and memorization to keep my love for music alive. Life can get busy and challenging, but the past-time things are what keep us sane and in motion. At least that’s how I feel anyway.
  5. Try not to look for love in all the wrong places. Okay, I have to admit it. I am quite an emotional person, and I tend to wear my heart out on my sleeve. This is something that I’ve always done and I’m not going to change it, since it’s part of who I am. If I like somebody, I will let them know whole-heartedly. Most of last year I spent my time living the single life after being in a relationship for quite some time. And let’s be honest, everybody loves the idea of having someone to come home to and talk about anything and everything. Not to mention cuddle sessions! So, as 2011 progressed, I tried my options in meeting new singles in various locations, at bars or social scenes where I knew a friend or two to tag along with. And dating I went! But, living life so loosely can be a bit of a drag on one’s conscious, not to mention the constant worrying if the guy has just the same kind of feelings about this as you do, or if this might go somewhere. In any case, I ended 2011 remaining single, and that’s probably for the best. My outlook for 2012 is to just let life carry me where it need be. I’ve met a lot of awesome people in the last year, and I would rather watch something develop and bloom into something beautiful than to just let animal instincts take control and jump into something I may not want.

So, this is the list of things I have right now, though I might want to add some more after. My sister also got me a great gift this christmas season. It’s a 5-year Happiness Journal. Basically, it’s a 365-paged book where you write one sentence about what made your day, with five entries on each page. Each entry represents the year. So, from 2012-2017, I will be writing in this every day and afterwards I can look back on the adventures of my early twenties. Man, that seems so far away, but I can’t wait to live, laugh and love throughout this next year! So long as the zombie apocalypse/end of the mayan calendar/armageddon doesn’t take place.

Stay classy my friends. ❤