Another Day In The Life

Hello Readers, and hello to the new ones I got notified about yesterday! It’s nice to see that WordPress has become another great hotspot for people to come out and speak their thoughts, or express things that happen in their day to day lives.

Now, I was super exhausted by the time I got home, so as I was doing my morning Yoga routine, warrior position, I thought that I could do a blog post about the crazy ongoings of my day with various posts. I will be doing one of these sort of posts again on the 12th (my friend told me this is the day each month that you take 12 photos throughout your day at any given time to explain.

So, right now I am working at a daycare program for the summer as a way to save up money for the next long year of Nursing ahead. I also work at a private music school teaching music and voice, but since I’m not going to be there next year to focus on academic studies, I don’t really see it as a true long-lasting job. Anyhow, while watching the kids as they were playing outside in the afternoon sun, I felt a bit of a nip on my arm. Hmm, guess I was just itchy, I thought. But then another one happened a bit further up my left arm. Finally, something was definitely leeching my back and I swatted whatever it was: a mosquito. Why are there mosquitoes out so early! I know that Winnipeg has only really had almost six weeks now of actual spring, but feels like summer, weather without any hint of snow on the ground. This past winter was so stubborn, it was like that old lady at the customer service table who was determined to get all .49 cents for those clearance potholders she purchased a week before. In my opinion, it is WAY too early for all of the pesky bugs to appear, while we are still waiting for the arrival of butterflies and dragonflies, and all the good crime-fighting ones.

And after each minute passed by, my arm actually flared up. One of my co-workers was quite amazed to see what was going on, so I thought I would take a picture just for good ol’ keepsakes:

ImageThis is the bite that was on the lower part of my forearm. Yikes! All three of them swelled up to 2x the regular bite I get from skeeters, and they started getting little red dots, or what we medical folk like to call petechiae, around the bite area. I was having a minor allergic reaction to them, but I wasn’t really worried to be surprised. This morning, the bites are still there but there is nothing special going on, I guess it was more of a first bite of the season deal to get used to them.

Later on, I went to go and celebrate birthdays with a very good friend of mine, Kerri. You can find her wonderful blog here where she talks about life, kinesiology, and asthma:

My birthday and hers are 6 days apart on the same year, which we always thought was really cool coincidence as well as being really good friends, so we had a combined dinner party at Mongo’s with a group of friends, and the waitress even offered to do a group photo for us without us asking. So here we are:

Image(Kerri and I are the two girls sitting at the second row of the table facing the camera)

Other than that, as much as I would have loved to have stayed up later on last night, I was so filled up with my shrimp & rib stir fry plate and sundae that I had a bit of a food coma occurring as I was driving home. I kind of miss being able to stay up late and sleep in during the workdays like I could have when I was younger, but now I guess it’s time to face the facts that I’m now 22, I’m pretty much a full on adult now, and I don’t have any problems about that. Especially since you do get to have some fun still. 🙂


Smile, and live life to the fullest! 🙂