Calm before the storm..

Wow, what a crazy weekend it has been! It’s been the first week in awhile where the performing arts has literally taken over my day-to-day activity, and I’ve kind of missed it. My chamber choir was a special guest for the 100 Candles concert. It was set up in timing of our regular performance space-Crescent Fort Rouge United Church- turning 100 years old. There was us, the Rainbow Society Chamber Choir, and two really cool singer-songwriters. It just gave the show a real home-y vibe that  I crave to hear every now and again, and I really regret not getting a chance to talk to the singer-songwriters. A lot of their stuff had some meaning and neat ways of conveying it. Something that I would like to incorporate into my writing.

Another group performed last night as well, but we backed them up tonight as well. They’re a touring group called Tenoré, and the three guys all come from different places. The one Canadian from Ontario, and the other two are from Minnesota and L.A (originally from Kentucky). I wasn’t really sure on what I thought about them at first, but they were really down-to-earth guys. And yes, they sing Christian music, but seriously, it was some wicked stuff. My guy friend commented as we were sitting down eating sushi after the show on how he didn’t understand why people go out and sing songs about religion. I know him, and how he views organized religions as some sort of conspiracy. I, however, do come from an organized religion that is somewhat non-mainstream. I retorted back at him though, saying that it doesn’t have to be religious only if you listen to it as being religious. It can be spiritual, and all religions, no matter the rights and codes, are all spiritual. This is my view of it anyway.

But on top of that, I haven’t been getting the best sleep these past nights either. It’s already 1:31 am and the past nights I haven’t been getting to sleep till past 2 am, maybe even 3. I’ve stayed out to hang out with friends, and when I come home, there’s been an upset Mother wondering where the heck I’ve been.

Now, I’m 20 and a half years old. And my family knows that I don’t hang out with suspicious type folks. Even though I am at an age where it’s technically alright for me to make my own decisions and be responsible for them, my parents still freak out if I’m not home before midnight. And they still deem to make consequences for me. I just get really frustrated at this, since they get messages mixed up between us on what time we have to leave, where we’re going, and what’s a “reasonable” time to come home. It’s like they don’t really seem to care that much on what sort of things I have to do outside of the family world, and insist on trying to keep me as their little child. All of these strict rules and time regulations make me feel like I’m still 12 or something. And it really drives me up a wall. I hope that they soon figure out that I can do a lot of things on my own, and I won’t have to show them the hard way. It’s nights like these that I really consider the idea of moving out and living on my own for awhile.

Anyhow, it’s getting late, and I do work for a change out of the other six days I don’t. Goodnight readers ❤